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Club Calendar

You can join our club rides - every Sunday we meet at McKay Stadium in Kensington, Whangarei.

Location:  Outside Sport Northland Offices, ASB Sports House

193 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei

Time: 8:00am     When: Every Sunday

See below for more information.


Ride information

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to alteration on the day, depending on weather/rider conditions. Please be on time.

  • Rides start 8am at Kensington Stadium, North end, every Sunday. End at Narnia Café (74 Kamo Rd)

  • VISITORS WELCOME: You may ride with us for up to three times per financial year for free by filling out an indemnity form prior to riding with a group. This form is available on the day. After that, we require you to join the Marsden Wheelers Club.

  • These are group rides. We aim to ride at the pace of the slowest member of the group.  Please choose your appropriate group. Always bring adequate food and water for the length of the ride.

    • Group 1:  On demand. An experienced rider will ride with any newbies. Anyone over 13 years of age is welcome. Rides will be from 10km or up to one hour. Best to contact  prior.

    • Group 2. Average speed 22-24 km/h.

    • Group 3. Average 25-26 km/h. Focus on bunch riding. Minimal stopping.

    • Group 4. Average >27 km/h. Longer, fast bunch ride with little stopping.

    • Groups 3 and 4 head in same direction, but ride at a different pace.

  • Some ride etiquette:

    • If you choose to leave the ride at any stage please ensure that others in the group are told.

    • All groups will wait for riders with punctures/ mechanical issues.

    • Riders who are faster on the hills are encouraged to circle back past the slowest riders.

    • Be predictable, be safe. Be aware of how your actions impact upon other riders around you at all times.

  • Bright clothing and a rear visible red light are recommended.

  • Groups will be split if over 17 riders are in any group ride.

  • No responsibility is taken by any person leading a group for the actions and safety of any individual in the group. Each person is responsible for their own safety. Road rules must be obeyed at all times.

  • Distances are estimates.

  • WET SUNDAYS:  We ride in most weather, but if it’s really foul, meet at 10.30-11a.m. at our coffee shop (Narnia) for a social time and coffee.

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